This was me and my friends all the time in school


This was me and my friends all the time in school


  1. Posted by gabyhawk, — Reply

    And sometimes it’s just because there are certain things I don’t need everyone to know so even if it wasn’t an adult I would still wait to tell them until we were alone. It’s not all about hiding stuff from adults 🤷🏻‍♀️

  2. Posted by DankyMcSpanky, — Reply

    Haha. As an adult, myself, in their early 20's - I still do this around my parents, sometimes. Not too often, but maybe it's something I simply don't want them getting nosey or opinionated about. Kind of like how you don't want them sifting through all your phone pictures. Mind ya business.

  3. Posted by happy55day66, — Reply

    So true!! that is me! Like I am going to tell my friends something and then a adult comes in the room and so I don’t say it and my friends are like what is it?!

  4. Posted by brookeostdiek_10, — Reply

    Sometimes it’s not because it’s bad... it’s simply because the boomers will turn it into a lecture. And that’s on facts.

  5. Posted by jordynchaffee, — Reply

    It’s not bc we are hiding something it’s just bc adults are boring and don’t understand funny things 😂

  6. Posted by its_irisss, — Reply

    Yes because either it’s inappropriate or about school stuff or will turn into a lecture

  7. Posted by immanerd8892, — Reply

    I actually hate people who do this it makes me wanna die on the inside

  8. Posted by SoftballLoverTwT, — Reply

    Yup. Me legit a second ago

  9. Posted by TomLuBear, — Reply

    Literally all me and my friends conversation

  10. Posted by miaandizzy, — Reply


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