These Awkward Father-Daughter Text Fails Will Make You Cringe Inside Out


9: Oh, sorry Dad.


  1. Posted by 25brooklinnr, — Reply

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  2. Posted by dreamcatcher8997, — Reply

    My brother in law and my sister if a guy ever hurt my niece and they don't do it she's got a crazy aunt that will!

  3. Posted by brookecooke06, — Reply

    I'm pretty sure this is fake because I have seen a text on Pinterest that is almost the exact same as this one.

  4. Posted by kittyloverjordan, — Reply

    This would be My dad

  5. Posted by alesmes01193588, — Reply

    why tf doesn’t he know where his shotgun is

  6. Posted by slateralijah, — Reply

    Me as a parent

  7. Posted by emmaray1903, — Reply

    MY DAD!

  8. Posted by vjnorris2007, — Reply

    "Unrelated" subject. Right. Lol

  9. Posted by 3kids171530, — Reply

    Me and my dad’s conversation

  10. Posted by rebeccajdurbin, — Reply

    This is 1000% my brother

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