Not the best painter for around the edges but I did pretty decent for my first try on my DIY nails!


Not the best painter for around the edges but I did pretty decent for my first try on my DIY nails!


  1. Posted by strandjess93, — Reply

    Why the hell did u post this?I do my own nails this shit would drive me crazy!fix them or remove them and try again ..have u ever heard of polish remover and qtips?come on girl!!

  2. Posted by m0neymachiine, — Reply

    Keep trying girl,and don't judge her brutally,shes just a kid/teen.Tip:Try to shape them by watching yt videos and let someone else paint ur nails(or alone ,or on a spa)

  3. Posted by kaylalysee, — Reply

    maybe all you people being rude could give her some pointers . so many bitter bitches in the world . KEEP DOING YOUR THING GIRL . i went to nail school & it takes time !

  4. Posted by zoemiilk, — Reply

    no no no, i’m sorry, but these are not “decent” for your first try. you didn’t even bother cleaning them up. i’d maybe understand if you don’t know what it’s supposed to look like, though.

  5. Posted by sanderschristina19, — Reply

    Try liquid latex So if you mess up you can just peel it it right off. Qtips and nail polish remover works well too. Just keep practicing you'll get better. Mine looked worse when i first started dont feel bad❤

  6. Posted by poserjayde, — Reply

    Everyone is so harsh on her it’s unbelievable, there IS a way you can kindly and gently tell people what needs to be fixed rather than being a complete bitch. Most of the people commenting are adults too, you guys especially should know about mistakes 🖕🏼

  7. Posted by ManiMagicNails, — Reply

    Props for doing your own nails girl. Next time, try peel off glue around your cuticles so if you make a mess it'll peel off. Keep practicing and ignore the negativity 💗check out my blog for more beginner diy nail tips

  8. Posted by GreenEyesSerna, — Reply

    When I was a teen I started doing my nails and my friends nails for practice and over time I got pretty good at it.. just keep trying and try using a reference picture or video. You’ll get there 😊

  9. Posted by savagezenny, — Reply

    Omg, this is a hot mess. You did not do a decent job. A decent job is like they not crooked and the nail polish isn’t passed the acrylic. So please stop lying to yourself becauseeee nah lmfaooo

  10. Posted by elliewalton024, — Reply

    Next time try starting just before the cuticle. I like to leave a millimetre sized gap between my cuticle and where the colour starts and it just makes it look a bit cleaner and not as flooded x

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