My unpopular BTS opinions 2


Come for the tea honestly


  1. Posted by mvelomiya, — Reply

    Did I ask for you crusty dusty opinion, you look like you about to fucking fosilite now shut up before I cremate you you crusty dusty dinasoure

  2. Posted by aprdonut, — Reply

    Me when my older brother walks into my room and tell me his fashion is better than mine and I should change!

  3. Posted by blcsscm, — Reply

    splish splash your opinion is trash

  4. Posted by myahcox493, — Reply

    Well ya kinda did Boi and your opinion is trash btw

  5. Posted by TheEpicChickenNugget, — Reply


  6. Posted by just_that_gurlie0006, — Reply


  7. Posted by ThePhantomClit, — Reply

    No I asked for dat crusty dusty pussy

  8. Posted by jaleeahbeard, — Reply


  9. Posted by Nyctoxii, — Reply

    Where's my lusty at in here? Oml did y'all forget lusty 🥺

  10. Posted by dahyunnie_, — Reply

    he forgot musty. its crusty dusty musty.

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