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Eye candy for lovely decorated laundry rooms as well as mud room design ideas with resources and funny quotes to PIN and make us smile!


  1. Posted by ramonagutierrez58395, — Reply

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  3. Posted by marredarena, — Reply

    It better be a good truck and it better be going to manteca and there better be a place to stay when we get there ... otherwise your not impressing me you are simply wasteing my f***** time

  4. Posted by nzrehsi, — Reply

    Or a 1967 Chevy Impala, and your name better be Sam and Dean Winchester. And I better here Bon Jovi playing.

  5. Posted by msjgwyatt, — Reply

    A farm cart...and please look like Kevin Bacon in 'Footloose' to some degree.

  6. Posted by Erratic7Ecstasy, — Reply

    Lol...I am thinking whether anyone would try to impress me😝🤔

  7. Posted by alexmariereschly, — Reply

    Ice cream truck 🍦😍

  8. Posted by deedanel, — Reply

    Taco truck.

  9. Posted by elphiegirl17, — Reply

    I always keep snacks in my car. Does that count? 🤣

  10. Posted by dumpay, — Reply

    Or a coffee truck with a crepe,waffle,pancake on the side...LOL...

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