Kris Jenner chwali się walizką za... 60 tysięcy złotych (FOTO)


Kardashianki słyną ze słabości do obnoszenia się ekstrawaganckim stylem życia. Zazdrościcie?


  1. Posted by pengama, — Reply

    What means being rich?for those having less of course she could call herself rich but for those having more,she's laughable,they laugh at her deeply

  2. Posted by anamarruda88, — Reply

    She's so thirsty this family just needs to be abolished and forgotten they are such horrible ppl like honestly what good do they do they don't help out with charities there are ppl out there in need children starving but no you'd think they maybe help out with a cause they don't just be gone with Satan n his helpers!!

  3. Posted by 02bmoinu7w16vww, — Reply

    Lovely pic for your Grandchildren to look back at! Wouldn't be proud of this one not classy at all but why would you cRe

  4. Posted by chocolatepretzels484, — Reply

    Is she serious ? Babylon is falling. Bible stands for Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.

  5. Posted by temmen1960, — Reply

    All class what a bunch of tosses

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