Indian Healing Clay


Meet the world’s most powerful facial, Indian Healing Clay by Aztec Secret. This single-ingredient mask can help with acne, dry skin, and other issues.


  1. Posted by Illyriumart, — Reply

    I use it at least once a week, works wonderfully. Will use it every other day for a week leading up to a big event. Makes my face glow, and helps reduce or get rid of any blemishes.

  2. Posted by ali0685, — Reply

    I have used this product for over 25 years and swear by it. It works great for insect bites too.

  3. Posted by weareyoung19, — Reply

    amazing, especially on pimples!! even for sensitive skin. around $10

  4. Posted by maygers, — Reply

    Good at exfoliating your skin... LOVE IT!!!!!!

  5. Posted by mzbrodie26, — Reply

    feels weird and is messy but over all not bad

  6. Posted by shalovee, — Reply

    Leaves my face and hair feeling good.

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