How to Make Homemade Disinfecting Wipes


Stores are sold out of clorox and lysol wipes everywhere right now. So I thought i'd share a homemade DIY disinfecting recipe that you can use for the time being. It's actually way cheaper to


  1. Posted by patfodness, — Reply

    This recipe, using 70% alcohol, creates an approximate 23% alcohol cleaning solution. To disinfect surfaces, use at least a 60% alcohol solution.

  2. Posted by aevanswriting, — Reply

    These tutorials are very misleading, probably accidentally but realize this:If you use 70% alcohol and then dilute it by adding the rest of the ingredients here, it will NOT disinfect because it gets diluted below 60%...

  3. Posted by bekkylee, — Reply

    We Carry washcloths in soapy water/alchohol 90% Wash hands after shopping , clean rubber gloves etc. Change formula and clothes every day.

  4. Posted by ronteselle, — Reply

    You're right 23-30% alcohol in solution might not work. Switching to an Antibacterial hand soap with 1tsp to 1Tbsp of bleach should do the trick though.

  5. Posted by nsymns, — Reply

    I’ve been looking for rubbing alcohol for two months! I’m either there right after they’ve sold out or too early before they can unload a semi truck of everything!

  6. Posted by cookielady4u, — Reply

    Homemade Disinfecting Wipes Recipe- DIY clorox lysol wipes copycat recipe. Great for cleaning spills and disinfecting your house! Wipes are sold out due to coronavirus right now. Dawn soap rubbing alcohol etc.

  7. Posted by pjstrong, — Reply

    All this is absolutely unnecessary. Any ordinary dish soap with hot water will do, just as it will clean your hands or any other surface.

  8. Posted by peyotecoyote73, — Reply

    H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide) is perfect in a spray bottle for hands, hard surfaces, clothing, bedding...all fabrics, entryway carpets and bottoms of shoes/boots. i buy the 1ltr bottle at Walmart for under $4, pour into spray bottle and spray away. hospital and cdc recommended too!

  9. Posted by cmcswain75, — Reply

    find out when your local dollar stores are stocking, easier to find toilet paper. The Dollar Market in my town has toilet paper on days they stocking. Been having plenty.

  10. Posted by isabelfulton, — Reply

    Wipes are sold out in my area and so is alcohol, hand gel..the only thing I can find in my area is bleach and you are only allowed to buy 1 container so I buy it at Sam's or Costco to get the 10 liter one. Lots of paper towels would just turn to mush if let soaking for a long period of time.

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