How to Get Perfect Natural Curls


I have had wildly curly hair for my whole life.  While it fell in pretty ringlets when I was young, both the texture and curls have changed over time.  I have spent my life in a love/hate relationship with my curls.  I have tried ironing, straitening and blowing it out but nothing suits my personality or my hair better than wearing it curly.  So as


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    My hair was much curlier when I was younger. Now in my 70’s, I think medications definitely takes a toll. I’ve always kept my style short n sassy but have been talked into letting it grow. It’s now 1-2” below my shoulders n the curls are only in the back, the sides being straight. Which products will help get my curls back from top to bottom?

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    I love this one

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    Great advice for curly girls

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    Love this!

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    I see you

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