Here's What You Need To Be A VSCO Girl


You might have seen the phrase "VSCO Girl" pop up on your Instagram feed, and you might be wondering what that means. VSCO Girls are the "Tumblr girls of 2019," and they come baring scrunchies. They're named after VSCO, the photo editing app that gives minimal, Polaroid-like filters to your pictures.Β Their look is very specific, and luckily pretty easy to pull off. They look like '90s girls on steroids, and mix the late '90s with a laid back "California girl" aesthetic. There are a few key things you need to have in your closet in order to be considered a VSCO Girl. There has to be a baby tee, something tie-dye, handmade friendship bracelets, and a pair of Crocs. See, pretty laid-back, right?Since she has a pretty beachy vibe to her, the VSCO girl is also very eco-conscious. You will need a metal straw and reusable shopping bag in your arsenal in order to curb your plastic use and save the oceans. Gen-Z is also on top of their tech, so while you're busy wearing tie-dye you will also need an Apple Watch and Air Pods. Click ahead to see what you need to be a VSCO Girl.


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