Curtain Bangs: 14 Ways to Wear 2019's Cool Girl Hair Cut


14 images that showcase why the curtain bang is 2019's cool-girl haircut, plus why the trend keeps reemerging and is here to stay.


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    Guys I suggest that you don’t cut your own bc I did that and I hate it. But that could just be me

  2. Posted by annikaschuetze99, — Reply

    Yeah but she's also wearing makeup in the second photo so...

  3. Posted by jskiles08, — Reply

    Wow, she looks great! Much better.

  4. Posted by artandwriting0323, — Reply

    Those are literally two different people.

  5. Posted by sbluequartz, — Reply

    Lowkey reminded me of Ramona Flowers

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    follow @badgalpins xx

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    Curtain bangs

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