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Caprese Roasted Asparagus is a lovely spring dish perfect for Easter Dinner! Roasted asparagus topped with mozzarella, fresh tomatoes and a balsamic glaze. This will definitely be a hit! Let’s chat about chores.  Not from the loathing, I hate to do them standpoint. But more of, what was your favorite “chore” growing up as a …


  1. Posted by tmusgrave, — Reply

    Soooooo good! It's going in the regular rotation. It does need to cook longer than what the recipe called for. I did 15 minutes and probably could have gone 3-5 longer

  2. Posted by summerthyme1, — Reply

    Really Good! I used already cooked asparagus so I put the tomatoes in on their own for a bit before adding the asparagus and the cheese. This one is a keeper!( Don’t use too much cheese). I tried using tomato on the vine and they just fell off. Use regular grape tomato cut in half. Different colours if you can get them.

  3. Posted by gabbz0926, — Reply

    Yummy!! Adding this to my collection of recipes😊

  4. Posted by fabersmith66, — Reply

    My mouth is literally watering!!

  5. Posted by ros3gold101, — Reply

    Roasted vegetables

  6. Posted by dd1386, — Reply

    Caprese Roasted Asparagus

  7. Posted by davidm8271, — Reply

    This was incredible. This will be a regular for our household.

  8. Posted by vintagemodernkollectiv, — Reply

    Caprese roasted asparagus #roastedvegetables #asparagus #caprese

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