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  2. Posted by willowshine028, — Reply

    That’s me right now; I’m on this at 12:50 am and trying not to get caught while squinting at the screen. Hehe... •>• you heard nothing

  3. Posted by oliverddavis2009, — Reply

    One time I was hungry because I had a small supper. So I went to go get food I had so friend's over. I was was heading to the kitchen and subbed my toe in the couch and I'm like "mmmmm" because I was going to shout "ow!!!" At he top of my lungs .

  4. Posted by willow_rider, — Reply

    Its like chips are so quiet tell its dark then when you try to pick it up it be like hfsfydtudyifgifdyietidgjdjfsjtdgjdjgdgjstuetsjfyiyifjgdgjfjchru crunch crunch crunch then my mom wakes up😳💀

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  6. Posted by valeriepineda616, — Reply

    The first photo I can't really because I have no friends but the second one yeah because I get food in the middle of the night all the time🦋✨🌻

  7. Posted by chloesavidan, — Reply

    One time I was at a friends house and I was getting a snack late at night and I stubbed my toe and yelled “FUCK” and her mom was in the living room so I ran to my friends room and told her what happened

  8. Posted by moo0678, — Reply

    Ha 😂 the thing that doesn’t work for the dog one is that it’s clearly day time out but it’s still funny 😆

  9. Posted by Young_Wolverine, — Reply

    For some reason, when I saw the second picture, I was like, "Sid??? Is that you?" (From Ice Age)

  10. Posted by piper_rae_rae, — Reply

    I broke into tears of laughter after seeing this. I still can't stop laughing. Lmao

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