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  1. Posted by ava3670, — Reply

    That happens to me all the time in band. I’ll be playing my instrument then I look up directly into someone’s eyes, and then I wonder if they think I like them just because I accidentally looked at them a bunch of times.

  2. Posted by Justcatra, — Reply

    I once accidentally kept looking at this girl I don’t even know why, but she definitely noticed and said something to her friend… I felt so creepy.

  3. Posted by kenzerami, — Reply

    yeah and if it's a cute boy I panic because then I think that maybe he thinks I'm attracted to him and then it's awkward because he probably is actually wondering why the strange girl is staring at him.

  4. Posted by AestheticLight_37, — Reply

    No that awkward moment when you make eye contact with your dentist if you haven’t done this you’ve never experienced something awkward 😂

  5. Posted by bunnymomsm, — Reply

    Ya bc you accidentally looked at them , and they saw that, so you look away but then look to see if there looking to see if your looking and it's a awkward cycle I'm quite familiar with

  6. Posted by baby_button_eyes, — Reply

    Then the person who yo looking at talks to you then you exchange numbers then you become good friends then you fall in love get together get married and live happily ever after

  7. Posted by odesiray, — Reply

    Or a girls hair will be cute so I'll keep staring at it then people come up to me and are like are you lesbo

  8. Posted by lisa_c_gr_6, — Reply

    This is how my BFF looks at me when I make eye contact with a boy. Then she goes EYE CONTACT!!! EYE CONTACT!!!

  9. Posted by GummiWorms17, — Reply

    In 5th grade this happened for a whole year and that was part of the reason why I left my old school 😂

  10. Posted by lycheebowl, — Reply

    dude ok but it’s usually during tests and whenever i glance around i make eye contact with the teacher

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