55 Tree Tattoo Designs - nenuno creative


I want this one really bad


  1. Posted by savanahlee927, — Reply

    That hand design won’t last 2 months... it will fade to nothing. I got one... had it redone 4 times in a year! It looks awful 😭

  2. Posted by itzaboie, — Reply

    Bruh why are they saying the watercolor trees are for women? Id wear the fuck out of them

  3. Posted by greenmp1949, — Reply

    .......I DON'T like tattoos and I think ??? they are a waste of time and money.......

  4. Posted by SweetRene, — Reply

    This reminds me of the tattoo that guy had on beastly!

  5. Posted by lizky_business, — Reply

    I would do this with sharpie but idk about a tattoo

  6. Posted by BearkT488, — Reply

    this sadly reminds me of newt turning into a crank

  7. Posted by ryuchiii, — Reply

    Thats gonna hurt like hell man

  8. Posted by rubbutter30, — Reply

    This is pin ink...

  9. Posted by mahmoudalaa944, — Reply


  10. Posted by JuanCruzCassi, — Reply

    que buen tatuaje

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