14 Tumblr Stories That Are Wild And Funny As Hell


They aren't fact-checked, but they ARE entertaining as hell.


  1. Posted by tyanarock, — Reply

    Challenge to anyone who doesn't believe it/wants to test it 1. Get 3D glasses, because of the virus going around only do this if you have some lying around the house 3. Get a red marker and a blue marker 4. Make a red line, and trace over it the way she described 5. Apply glasses

  2. Posted by sesameshibainu, — Reply

    Yall saying shit like “but you can acc draw 3d imgs” no ones saying u cant we just think its unlikely that IMMEDIATELY after watching shark boy and lava girl in 3d this random lil kid just somehow 1. knew exactly how 3d imgs worked and 2. figured out the effect could be produced w/ materials in their own house

  3. Posted by jazznnae, — Reply

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  4. Posted by christinegaram, — Reply

    Idk, this sounds like an "and then everyone clapped" story to me

  5. Posted by sarah_sarah_sarah, — Reply

    I like how everyone is like “and everybody clapped” when this is something you can actually do

  6. Posted by indiadgonzalez, — Reply

    Clever kid!

  7. Posted by jadamichelle9, — Reply

    I cant do that kind of 3d glasses, my eyes dont work together to look at the same direction

  8. Posted by hevers6843, — Reply

    I just like that the movie was Sharkboy and Lavagirl

  9. Posted by MidnightEdits, — Reply

    Trying this using a drawing program to see if it works digitally (idk)

  10. Posted by greyy12, — Reply

    Thought you would still need those funny red/blue glasses

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